Will the 17 Port and Maritime Regiment RLC remain at Marchwood Port?

Yes, they will remain at the port and the development will support their ongoing operations here.

How big will the development of the port be?

There will be no expansion to the area of the port. The proposals will be for changes within the current boundary. The site covers 82.8ha of which just over half (46.4ha) is currently operational. Solent Gateway Ltd (SGL) is exploring opportunities to increase its capacity to handle cargo, not its physical footprint.

If the port is being developed, what will it be used for?

It will continue to operate as a port with the import and export of goods, but SGL is looking at how it can increase the capacity of the port to handle more cargo.

Does the development of the port mean that the public will now have access?

No, to ensure safe port operations and support the ongoing activities of the 17 Port and Maritime Regiment, the site will remain secure with no public access.

How can I make sure I am kept up to date on what is happening?

To ensure you receive updates and information from Solent Gateway, please complete the contact form on the homepage of the website.

I responded to the initial consultation last year, do I need to send more comments now?

In the Autumn of 2020, we held a six-week consultation on our plans to develop the port.Respondents to our 2020 consultation were especially interested in the traffic expected to be generated by the development of the port and in April 2021 we have now published further information on this. Now that we have submitted a planning application New Forest District Council is running its own consultation on the proposals.

Do members of the public still have a say once the planning application is submitted?

Yes. Once the planning application has been registered by NFDC the council will write to local stakeholders and neighbours and hold their own statutory consultation on the application – which anyone can respond to. The application will be decided by the Planning Committee at NFDC and members of the public will be able to speak at this committee.

What does Freeport Status mean for Marchwood?

More information on the Freeport bid can be found on the Site page.

How do I apply for a job onsite?

SGL will advertise job opportunities on our website and in a number of local/national publications.

Is the planning application(s) for McMullen Barracks also being done by SGL?

No these are separate planning consents that are being applied for by the Ministry of Defence.

How long with the development of the port take?

The development of the port will be completed in phases. We currently envisage that the development will take seven years to complete, however this could change as we move forward and you can sign up for our project updates here.

What will happen when the concession ends?

It is unknown at this time what the MOD will do once the concession period has finished. It is probable that it will go to Tender, however this is not under SGL’s control to advise further.

How will you manage noise during construction?

A construction management plan will be produced by the successful contractor to identify all environmental considerations and appropriate mitigations measures.

Will there be electric charging points for vehicles and vessels?

SGL is considering current and future power requirements for the site to meet the national 2030 electrical vehicle (EV) target. Vessels are mostly not fitted with shore power capability, but SGL will work with Shipping companies to review and accommodate when technologies advance.