Ministry of Defence and SGL Joint Statement on Marchwood Port

Posted 28 February 2022

In 2016, the MOD awarded a 35 year concession to Solent Gateway Limited (SGL) to operate and develop Marchwood Port.  SGL provides port services and capital improvements to the port for the MOD to maintain and improve its Sea Mounting Centre capability. This investment will create significant new space for commercial operations in the port, with revenue shared through a gainshare agreement.

Over the last 5 years SGL has used the port’s current spare capacity to accommodate commercial business, whilst continuing to support the delivery of MOD operational activities.  SGL and the MOD are delighted to announce that New Forest District Council have recently approved SGL’s planning application to develop the port, with construction planned to commence in July/August 2022. The first phase of the port development will take place from July 2022-April 2024 and will deliver 30 acres of new, high quality operational space for both MOD and commercial use.

SGL and the MOD are also pleased to confirm Marchwood Port is an important element of the recently announced Solent Freeport and is designated as a Tax Site and Customs Site.  Formal Government activation of this important tax and custom site status is expected over next few months.

These developments underpin the good progress and strong partnership between the MOD and SGL as we work together in mutual support to make the Marchwood Concession a success.  With the foundations in place and growing commercial interest in the port, we look forward to continuing our successful public/private sector commercial relationship that delivers long-term benefit to the MOD, SGL and, importantly, the local communities through significant private sector investment and job creation.