22nd February HGVs & Marchwood Port

Posted 22 February 2022

SGL is committed to working with the local community and we would like to thank local residents for their understanding and patience over the past few days. We appreciate that HGVs queuing on local roads to come into Marchwood Port has caused some disruption and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.
The adverse weather conditions meant ports across the country had to suspend operations for safety reasons. This resulted in a backlog of deliveries to Marchwood Port, with HGVs arriving earlier than normal this morning to drop off containers to try and catch up. We brought in extra staff to get HGVs into the port as quickly as possible and at present we have decided not to take any new bookings for containers whilst we work with our partner company for the container operations to identify the best way to respond should the same situation occur again in the future. SGL does and will continue to give clear directions to haulage companies that HGVs are not to park on local roads such as Admiralty Way if they arrive early.
Looking ahead, SGL’s future port entrance, that will be constructed during the first phase of development, will enable us to reduce the processing time of HGVs coming into the port and move them off the roads more quickly. We will also have additional hard standing inside the port for parking HGVs so we can accommodate more HGVs inside the port if we saw a similar situation arise again.