Welcome to the website for the Solent Gateway consultation.

In 2016 Solent Gateway Limited (SGL) was awarded a 35year concession by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to manage, operate and develop Marchwood Port.

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We have spent the last four years investigating the opportunities for the port development and working on proposals that will increase its commercial capacity and support the MOD’s ongoing operations within its existing boundary. Our proposals will enable the effective and efficient use of the site and port facility for commercial, economic and local employment generating purposes. .

Our current public consultation has now closed and we would like to thank everyone who sent us their feedback. You can still view the interactive masterplan and a flythrough – to guide you through our emerging proposals by clicking here.

About Solent Gateway Limited

Solent Gateway Limited (SGL) is a UK-based port and logistics company that is a joint venture between David McBrayne Limited and GBA holdings limited. The SGL offices are located at Marchwood Port, with 85 members of staff currently employed.

Our company ethos focuses on five key themes:

  • Safety. Nothing is more important than the safety of the local community, those employed onsite, our commercial partners and the cargo moving through the port. 
  • Continuous improvement. We are committed to continually learning, adapting and improving every part of our business. Enhancing Marchwood Port will significantly increase our offer and we will adapt to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  
  • Partnership. We create true partnerships of equals with community stakeholders and commercial partners to achieve long term, positive growth that benefits us all. 
  • Armed Forces. We are committed to supporting the UK’s Armed Forces through the provision of high-quality port infrastructure and outstanding support services that are agile and flexible to meet any MOD requirement. 
  • Sustainability. We are committed to the long-term well being of the environment and community through our operations, future development and working practices.


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View of the Quayside